NAI Significa
Vošnjakova ulica 1
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Croatia (Local Name: Hrvatska)
t+386 1 434 33 10
NAI Significa
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Markets / Network Territory

Croatia is serviced from the head office in Ljubljana, Slovenia, with the help of reliable local agents.

Executive Summary

Cenilna družba specialises in valuation, real estate brokerage and related consulting services. As one of the leading firms in this industry in Slovenia, it employs a staff of 17 highly-qualified experts. The founders Simon Kavka Jensterle and Andrej Lampe have been active in the real property industry for more than 15 years, sharing a wealth of practical experience.

Brokerage Services
Office, Retail, Industrial, Land, Investment
Other Services
Valuation Services, Investment Services, Market Research, Property Management, Corporate Services

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NAI Significa - Ljubljana

Vošnjakova ulica 1
Ljubljana 1000
Direct Line: +386 1 434 33 10