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Executive Summary

NAI Global is the single largest network of owner-operated firms, with more than 400 offices and 5,000 local-market experts in 55 countries. Locally we provide a complete suite of commercial & industrial real estate services.

NAI Puerto Rico is the island’s premier private international promotion agency, or IPA, a service we provide to attract leading-edge companies to export their goods and services from the island, and then help those companies—and the ones already in Puerto Rico—penetrate markets in the Americas and around the world. We also attract investment for certain strategic projects. Puerto Rico offers truly unique advantages that make it the ideal LatAm-USA hub: location at the center of the hemisphere, world-class talent, part of the U.S. legal/regulatory and financial system, offshore incentives, a deep supply-chain ecosystem across multiple industry clusters, the most developed infrastructure and air+maritime access in the region, and a tropical climate and culture that makes anyone want to live here.

Our Services
  • Real Estate
  • Urbanism
  • Sustainability
  • Trade & Investment
  • Marketing

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Chief Executive Officer
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Matt Prober
Partner - Corporate Consulting and Asset Management Division
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NAI Puerto Rico - San Juan

1064 Ponce de Leon Ave.
Suite 200
San Juan PR 00907
Puerto Rico
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Fax: (787) 724-0084

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